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Unveiling Chrome’s New Feature: See How Much RAM Your Tabs Are Using

Google Chrome has recently introduced a long-awaited feature that allows users to monitor how much random access memory (RAM) each tab is consuming on their computer. With the increasing number of tabs opened simultaneously, managing RAM consumption has become crucial to ensure smooth performance and prevent system crashes. Here’s everything you need to know about this new Chrome feature.

How to Access the Tab RAM Usage

The feature is currently available only in Google Chrome Canary, the experimental version of the browser designed for developers and early adopters. To activate this functionality, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Chrome Canary
  2. Type “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-memory-info” in the address bar
  3. Click ‘Enable’ next to the flag titled “Tab Memory Info”
  4. Restart Chrome Canary to apply changes

After implementing these instructions, a small icon resembling a square containing four lines will appear beside each open tab in Chrome Canary. Upon clicking the icon, a pop-up displaying detailed information regarding the amount of RAM utilized by the selected tab will be displayed. Users can quickly identify resource-hungry websites and make informed decisions about closing them down if necessary.

Why Is Tracking Tab RAM Consumption Important?

Although most modern computers come equipped with sufficient amounts of RAM, exceeding the recommended threshold can lead to system instability, including frequent freezes and crashes. By keeping track of individual tab RAM usage, users can better manage their computing resources, allowing smoother multitasking experiences while minimizing performance issues. Additionally, understanding the impact of various web pages on RAM utilization can help users optimize their browsing habits, potentially improving overall productivity levels.


While still in its beta stage, Chrome’s latest update showcases another step towards enhancing user experience. Allowing easy monitoring of individual tab RAM utilization empowers users to improve system stability and efficiency. As always, we recommend caution when experimenting with beta versions of software, particularly when dealing with critical features such as RAM management. However, given Chrome’s reputation for reliability, we anticipate a seamless integration of this function once released officially. In summary, the introduction of this new Chrome feature presents yet another reason why Google remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technology innovation.




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