Supermoon 2022 Date and Time is Here

If you didn’t see the last supermoon, here’s your chance again. The name of the new supermoon is “Buck Moon”. This name is given at the time of the arrival of new antlers of the deer.

You can see the supermoon in 2022 on July 13, 2:38 pm EDT (12:08 am IST, Thursday).

In India, you can also see it the next day on the night of 14th July. On this day the distance of the moon from the earth will be only 3,57,264 kilometers.

According to astrology, a situation like a supermoon also has an effect on nature.

According to astronomers, there can be strong waves and storms in the sea these days. This storm can also become a thunderstorm.

The supermoon will last from Tuesday morning through Friday morning.

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