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Thy Art Is Murder Parts Ways with CJ McMahon Amid Controversy: Vocalist Responds to Dismissal

In a recent development, Thy Art Is Murder, the prominent metal band, announced their separation from vocalist CJ McMahon, revealing that he has been removed from their new album, “Godlike,” set to release today. McMahon has since commented on his expulsion from the group.

The band issued a comprehensive statement on their social media, confirming McMahon’s departure, citing a series of internal issues as the cause. The singer had faced backlash after sharing anti-trans content on his social media and expressing support for it. While he later posted an apology video from the band’s account, today’s announcement by Thy Art Is Murder referred to this incident as “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” hinting at underlying tensions.

In a subsequent post, McMahon responded to his dismissal, revealing that he learned about it through the band’s statement. He wrote, “I just woke up and saw the news. Yes, this is how I found out. And yes, it’s not the whole story. I’ll be going live tomorrow at 5 PM Sydney, Australia time,” concluding the post with a reference to his previous controversial comments, saying, “Burn everyone to death.”

The latter part of McMahon’s message alludes to his initial anti-trans comments when he reposted a controversial video and made inflammatory remarks, including stating that the mother in the video “should be burned to death” for her acceptance of her child’s response.

In response to the news of McMahon’s departure from Thy Art Is Murder, Ronnie Radke, the frontman of Falling in Reverse, took to social media to express his outrage. He called for a boycott of the band and pledged to send $20,000 to CJ. Radke criticized what he perceived as cowardice within the music scene for not standing up for each other and labeled Thy Art Is Murder as a “super satanic murderous evil band” while emphasizing his own metal credentials despite having written songs for Falling in Reverse.



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