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Shakira’s Stylish Stint at Billboard Latin Music Week Showcases Her Confidence and Fashion Prowess

Shakira, the reigning queen of hip-shaking and vocal vibrato, has not only conquered the music world but also knows how to make a striking fashion statement. During her appearance at a panel for Billboard Latin Music Week in Miami, the Colombian superstar turned heads with a fashion choice that included some of the tallest platform boots you’ve ever seen, all while channeling a vibe reminiscent of The Matrix (minus the trench coat).

Taking the stage with flair, Shakira donned a sleek black leather corset bodysuit, expertly paired with matching pleated high-waisted shorts featuring a substantial ribbed belt, both courtesy of Alex Perry. However, the real show-stoppers were her sky-scraping Giuseppe Zanotti over-the-knee boots. To complete the look, she adorned herself with a gold and pink chain-link choker and a collection of coordinating rings. Shakira, the singer and dancer known for her iconic hip movements, styled her caramel locks in cascading curls that reached down to her hips, and she opted for a simple yet glamorous touch with feathered lashes and a pink lip.

During her interview, Shakira engaged in a conversation with Leila Cobo, Billboard Latin/Español’s chief content officer, shedding light on her evolving perspective on appearance and fashion.

“Before, I would fret over every stray hair or smudged eyeliner,” she shared. “Nowadays, it’s not that I care less about these things, but I have gained a better perspective. I can discern what truly matters to me and what doesn’t hold as much weight. I focus my attention on substance.”

Despite this shift in her outlook, Shakira emphasized that her meticulous attention to detail has not waned, as evident in her iconic performances such as the Super Bowl halftime show and her 2023 VMAs career-spanning medley.

“I’ve always had a keen eye for detail, and perhaps even more so now,” she remarked. “Having a team that understands you and can be relied upon is instrumental. It’s not something you acquire overnight; it’s built over time, just like your criteria.”



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