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Hulk Hogan’s Third Time: A Happy Marriage and Healthy Lifestyle

Hulk Hogan is proving that the adage “the third time’s the charm” holds true in his life. In a heartwarming development, the wrestling legend tied the knot with Sky Daily over the weekend, a reliable source has confirmed to The Messenger.

“They are very happy to make it official,” the source exclusively shared with The Messenger. (The DailyMail was the first to break the news.)

This joyful occasion marks Hogan’s third venture into matrimony, having previously been married twice. His proposal to Sky Daily, a yoga instructor, took place in July, and it has now culminated in a blissful union.

In recent times, Hogan has candidly shared insights into his transformed lifestyle. Wrestling for nearly four decades and enduring multiple surgeries on his back, knees, hips, and face had taken a toll on his health. Approximately fifteen years ago, Hogan’s body began to rebel against him, prompting a crucial realization that changes were necessary to alleviate pain and ensure a healthy future.

Today, Hogan proudly stands at 265 lbs., a weight he hasn’t seen since his ninth-grade years. During a recent interview with Men’s Health at his Florida residence, which he shares with Daily, Hogan offered a glimpse into his revamped dietary choices. His breakfast now features organic coffee, a banana, and yogurt. For other meals, he opts for a variety of options such as chicken, steak, and raw tuna. His commitment to health is evident in his reduction of sugar intake, although he does occasionally savor lighter sweet treats like organic cookies and almond milk ice cream. And on cheat days, he indulges in a favorite snack – French fries with Thousand Island dressing.

Hogan’s journey, both in love and wellness, reflects a newfound commitment to a happy and healthier life.



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