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Chorki, the Bangladeshi OTT Platform, Expands Its Footprint in India with Exciting Collaborations

The exponential growth of digital content consumption has given birth to numerous Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, enabling audiences worldwide to access content from across the globe. In recent years, the Indian market has witnessed a surge in the popularity of content backed by Bangladeshi OTT productions. Shows from the Bangladeshi OTT platform ‘Chorki’ have particularly captured the hearts of the Bengali-speaking community in India.

As per reports from OTT Play, Chorki is gearing up to make its entry into the Indian market. The platform is diligently working with a content team to create original shows for Chorki featuring an Indian cast and crew. Redoan Rony, the CEO of Chorki, expressed his vision, stating, “The Bengali language transcends national and state boundaries; it has a global reach. By bringing together talent from both Banglas – Bangladesh and West Bengal – we aim to produce exceptional content that enriches the global entertainment market. Collaboration is the key; even major players like Hoichoi have expanded into Bangladesh, creating content. Similarly, we plan to collaborate with talents from Bengal.”

Rony continued, “Chorki has already gained significant popularity in India. Shows like ‘Pett Kata Shaw,’ ‘Shaaticup,’ ‘Myself Allen Swapan,’ and others have garnered a strong following. However, there were challenges with payment methods, and we have now simplified the process.” The platform previously required subscribers to make payments with international cards, which posed accessibility issues for many potential viewers.

According to reports, Chorki has reached out to popular actress Swastika Mukherjee, known for her work in both Bengali and Hindi cinema, for their original content. Swastika expressed her enthusiasm about the platform’s launch in India, saying, “I’m a fan of Chorki, and if given the opportunity, I would love to work with them.”

Following the impact of the pandemic, Bangladeshi OTT content, including titles such as ‘Shaaticup,’ ‘Syndicate,’ ‘Myself Allen Swapan,’ ‘Morichika,’ ‘Jaago Bahey,’ and ‘Pett Kata Shaw,’ successfully captivated audiences in India. Redoan Rony revealed the platform’s ambitious plans, stating, “Over the next three years, ‘Chorki’ will produce 30 original productions in India, collaborating closely with local talents from Bengal.” Chorki officially launched in India earlier this week, marking an exciting chapter in the expansion of Bangladeshi OTT content into the Indian market.



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