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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reflects on His Affair and Post-Marriage Relationship with Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a candid interview with People magazine, opens up about his past affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena, an indiscretion that ultimately led to the end of his marriage to Maria Shriver.

Schwarzenegger emphasized that the breakup with Shriver was devoid of animosity, saying, “Remember it’s not like we had a feud, we didn’t have a fight. It’s just my mistake.”

The iconic “Terminator” actor and Shriver had been married for a quarter-century before their separation in 2011 following the scandal. Notably, Baena gave birth to their son, Joseph, just five days after Shriver welcomed her son, Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Despite the tumultuous past, the former California governor and Shriver have managed to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

“My connection with Maria will endure indefinitely,” Schwarzenegger affirmed. “Even though it’s a different kind of relationship now, there’s no reason for me to feel anything other than love for her.”

He continued, “We consistently made it clear that our children should not bear the brunt of my mistakes. Maria has her own life and relationships, and I have mine, with Heather Milligan, but we always communicate about the children, be it holidays, birthdays, or special occasions.”

The former couple also shares daughters Katherine, 33, and Christina, 32, as well as son Patrick, 30.

Schwarzenegger has also forged a close bond with Katherine’s husband, actor Chris Pratt. In June, Katherine shared a heartwarming photo of her father and husband in honor of Father’s Day, capturing a moment of camaraderie.

“I mean, there’s nothing more manly than Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar,” Pratt humorously remarked to Jimmy Fallon about the snapshot. “And when you’re a part of bringing his granddaughter into the world, he comes over, hands you a cigar, and says, ‘Let’s go smoke these.'”

This interview sheds light on Schwarzenegger’s introspective perspective on his past actions and the enduring respect he maintains for his former wife and the importance of their co-parenting relationship.



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