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Ahsoka Episode 6 Review

Another exhilarating episode of Ahsoka has unfolded before us, and as per tradition, brace yourself for a plethora of spoilers.

Let’s dive straight into the heart of “Far, Far Away,” the sixth installment out of eight in Ahsoka’s inaugural season. With only two episodes remaining, it’s astonishing to witness how this series has undergone a profound transformation in the past three episodes alone.

This episode held immense significance for three compelling reasons:

  1. We were treated to a glimpse of an entirely new galaxy, marking our maiden voyage into uncharted storytelling territories within the Star Wars universe. Although our exposure was limited, the new galaxy bore an uncanny resemblance to our own, complete with endearing creatures like the Howler, which Sabine rides, and the Noti, resembling a fusion of an Ewok and a tortoise. This new galaxy offers boundless storytelling potential, expanding the horizons of Star Wars.
  2. The episode brought us the live-action debut of Thrawn, a formidable antagonist known from the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, which this show serves as a spiritual successor to, and the central villain in the highly regarded Thrawn trilogy within the Star Wars Expanded Universe books. Portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen, who also lent his voice to the character in Rebels, Thrawn’s captivating presence on screen, despite the blue makeup and red contact lenses, might evoke memories of his portrayal as Stregobor in The Witcher series.
  3. To the surprise of many, both Thrawn and the long-lost Jedi, Ezra Bridger (played by Eman Esfandi), made their appearance in the same episode. Ezra now sports a beard and radiates joy upon reuniting with Sabine. However, my enthusiasm for Sabine is tempered by her behavior in this episode.

Sabine’s actions raise questions about her intelligence and honesty, which is the most troubling aspect of this episode for me. When Ezra inquires about how she located him, she evades the question, claiming she doesn’t want to discuss it at the moment. Evidently, she fears his reaction to the truth: that she joined forces with a Nightsister and a fallen Jedi to retrieve Thrawn with the intention of overthrowing the New Republic.

Yet, withholding this vital information places them both in imminent danger. Sabine should know better, given her age and experience; she could have been trailed, and the mission to find Ezra might have been a ruse from the outset. While Thrawn’s cunning has clearly ensnared her, I find it disheartening when a smart character is portrayed as such by making others appear less intelligent. I don’t perceive Sabine as unintelligent, but the show seems determined to paint her in that light.



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