Empowering Education: Himachal Pradesh’s Dr YS Parmar Vidyarthi Loan Scheme

The Himachal Pradesh government has given a fantastic gift to us students. For higher education, they’re offering loans up to Rs 20 lakh at just a 1 percent interest rate. Our Chief Minister, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, said this scheme will kick in this financial year and it’s called the ‘Dr YS Parmar Vidyarthi Loan Scheme.’ The goal is to make sure money doesn’t stand in the way of our higher education.

So, who can get in on this? Only those of us whose families make less than Rs 4 lakh a year can grab a loan at that sweet 1 percent rate. Plus, when we’re signing up, we shouldn’t be older than 28, and we should’ve scored at least 60 percent in our last class.

Now, what courses can we jump into with this help? Well, we can go for professional and technical education like engineering, medical, management, paramedical, pharmacy, nursing, diploma/degree, law degree, technical programs from ITI, and even PhD. The loan, up to Rs 20 lakh, at 1 percent interest, is there to cover our boarding, accommodation, tuition fees, books, and other study expenses.

How do we get our hands on this loan, you ask? Easy. If we meet the criteria, we just hop online to the Higher Education Department’s portal before joining any institute. During the sign-up, we toss in all the necessary documents, and we’re good to go. Time to chase those dreams!

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