About:blank Meaning and How to Remove it?

We all use the internet and to start or browse anything we need a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Brav, etc. The page which appears on a browser shows about:blank (a.k.a. About Blank), which means empty tab. In the address bar you can see about:blank when trying to open a new tab.

Some of you may get disturbed after seeing about:blank. It is not any kind of virus or malware. No need to worry about it.

Let’s discuss more on About Blank.

What is about:blank?

About blank is a hidden function in any browser which shows no internet activity on a new tab until to type any actual working web address. With About syntax, browsers use many other commands like about:about, about:cache, and about:plugins

Why People Set about:blank in Browsers?

  • No, to avoid disturbance from unknown websites
  • Keep your websites private as you open a browser
  • Less RAM consumption when a browser starts. Browsers are heavy and consume high RAM.
  • Hide the previous sessions
  • Maybe they love a blank page.

When a browser is opening and along with it if a website is also opening in a new tab, then it may hang your PC due to high RAM consumption. If you don’t want to show your previous opened sessions or you don’t want to love unwanted or sponsored websites by browser company.

How to Remove about:blank from browser?

Though I will not recommend it if still you want to remove About Blank from your browser, follow these steps.

In Microsoft Edge, paste this edge://settings/startHomeNTP in address bar.
Under When Edge starts, Select “Open the new tab page”

You can also opt Open tabs from the previous session or a custom page.

In Google Chrome, type this in address bar : chrome://settings/onStartup
Under On Startup, choose “Open the New Tab page”

You can also opt Open tabs from Continue where you left off or Open a specific page or set of pages.


Is about:blank a virus or malware?
No, it is a default or inbuilt option in browsers.

Should I worry if my browser shows about:blank?
No, this is just a command to show an empty tab in your browser.

Can about:blank be blocked?
yes, you can do it in browser settings in a few clicks.

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